March 07, 2015

Some updates after a looong hiatus

Excerpts from my 10 page chapter of the Fly the Colour Fantastica: A Comic Anthology, due for release in March 2015.

Lettering Design for “Hop Hop Hooray” – November Page of the 2015 Ask Alice Annual Charity Calendar

 Custom and hand-lettered designs for Cottage Industry's new range of unique screen printed suburb pennants

Le Belvedere - Private commission

Branding and Poster Design for Andrew Nolte and his Orchestra

December 12, 2013

Recent Commission

A recent private portrait commission, depicting the most enthusiastic of bike enthusiasts!

This was a fun one, thanks Lucie!

October 17, 2013

Stitching Time: Opening tonight @ Craft

For the past few months I've been collaborating with the amazing Penelope Durston to make a moving quilt installation featuring animated embroidery. It's all for a new group exhibition, "Stitching Time"  The show is curated by the wonderful Dell Stewart and Isobel Knowles, who have paired animators and textile artists together to see what could happen- and the results are awesome. There are animated quilts, whirring animation devices, spinning stars, cats (!), playful pillows and more.

Pene and I also been making some scarves and hankies that are now available in the shop! Photos soon...

Hope you can check it out - details below!

Remnant Landscapes (still) - Rebecca Hayes / Penelope Durston
Curated by Dell Stewart & Isobel Knowles
Craft - 31 Flinders Lane, Melbourne
Opening: Thursday 17 October, 6-8pm
October 17 - November 30

Facebook event: here

It features work by Jeremy Dower, Pene Durston, Rebecca Hayes, Isobel Knowles, Kate Matthews, Dell Stewart, Kayo Taguchi, Maryann Talia-Pau, Pauline Tran-Cecil and Harvest Textiles.

September 02, 2013

Bits and Pieces

I've been working on a few projects for the second half of 2013. Some are just starting to take shape, and others are very close to wrapping up!

There's not too much I can show at the moment, so here are some snippets from a busy August- a mix of collaborations, commissions, music videos and markets:

One project I am really excited about is a collaboration with the amazing Pene Durston of Cottage Industry. We are working on a piece for the upcoming Stitching Time group exhibition at Craft Victoria, opening in October. Dell Stewart and Isobel Knowles are curating, and they've paired up artists from animation and craft/textile backgrounds to explore the relationship between the two practices.

You can see a recent write up of what Pene and I have been up to so far over at the exhibition blog.

August 03, 2013

New music video: 'Wish In My Dish'

A collaboration with the lovely Belinda Suzette to create the new animated film clip for 'Susy Blue's latest single 'Wish In My Dish'. I had such a fun time animating Belinda's colourful characters!

The single will be launched at The Workers Club in Fitzroy on Sunday the 11th of August from 2pm (matinee show). Details here on the FB event page

- - - - -


 Illustrations- Belinda Suzette
 Animation - Rebecca Hayes
 Music- Susy Blue

July 02, 2013

Recent snippets

Some snippets of some recent work! I've been keeping busy with a mix of fun commissions, mini comic-ing and lettering workshops...

Flyin' Friends! Detail from a one-panel comic 

Animation still from 'Beached', for an MTC production

Animation still from 'Beached', for an MTC production

Author portrait commission for VIP client (dad)

My mini-comic for Mini Comic of the Month Club

Lettering fun during a short course at Old School

February 11, 2013

When did we hit February?

...and why are we almost half way through it? Slow down, 2013!

Gah, no excuses for the almost 3 month gap in posts. I have been keeping busy with a bunch of side projects, markets, some neat commissions and preparing for the new teaching year! 

Also, lots of baking.

Photo by rebeccakhayes Photo by rebeccakhayes
Photo by rebeccakhayes Photo by rebeccakhayesPhoto by rebeccakhayes Photo by rebeccakhayes

I'll be updating the blog soon with some more recent work I've been doing. Let's just say there are lots of cute animals involved.

Also, a quick thank you and shout out to Anouk at Sunshine of Mine for recently featuring my work. She's also running a fantastic giveaway of work by Australian artists and makers, so if you live in France or Belgium, best to check out the details and enter before 28 February!

November 12, 2012

Off to Market- this Sunday!

This Sunday the 18th of November I'll be lugging my artwork over to Thornbury Theatre for the monthly Melbourne Suitcase Rummage!

Image courtesy of Belinda Suzette
I'll be setting up a suitcase or two with my prints and cards for sale and The Sisters Hayes will even have a lil' pop up installation in the space. If you're in town, pop by and say hi!


859 High St, Thornbury (map)
Sunday November 18, 11am-4pm

Facebook event: here

November 10, 2012

Travel sketches

I recently found a sketchbook from my travels last year. Always a nice surprise when you come across a sketchbook thought previously lost and forgotten.

November 04, 2012

The Show: Online (finally)

I'm very happy to finally release my short animation, The Show, online!

This was my graduate film, produced at RMIT in late 2010. It premiered online a few weeks ago, and some people have asked about my production process.  All the animation was digitally hand drawn in Flash frame by frame, using a Cintiq tablet. It was then composited together with the painted watercolour backgrounds and treated in After Effects.

I've always been fascinated with circus life, especially that which was "off" show.

Some of my original inspiration: