November 18, 2008

New Sketches

Just some sketches from the last week or so.

Thanks to all this new found spare time, I was watching Tarzan frame by frame whilst listening to Glen Keane and Ken Duncan's interviews with Clay Kaytis on the Animation Podcast and... wow. If you haven't heard any of Clay's interviews you're missing out on an insane amount of insight into the creative minds and lives of some of the best in the industry. Glen Keane and Ken Duncan were the supervising animators for Tarzan and Jane respectively. One of my favourite scenes in rough:

And a bunch of Pixar guys known as the Spline Doctors have a great podcast too with interviews with Brad Bird, Andrew Stanton, Richard Williams (!!) etc which made me squeal with glee (on a packed train no less- very awkward).

Adios for now,

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