April 29, 2009

Drawin's and whatnot

Pencil sketch & Photoshop. Dress texture from cgtextures.com

From magazines/old photographs

Men! Reference from some great scans posted at Plenty 'O' Fun. Pages and pages of (college?) football players from the mid 50's. Will be doing more of these soon...

Anddd some older ones, ref from film stills

Have spent most of the day researching for my 2D lipsync project, scouring the internet for family history/photographs from the late 1800's- mid 1900's. So expect a lot of those soon...

April 28, 2009

Everybody hates Eloise...

And here she is, the girl guide you never wanted to meet:

Eloise is Abigale's only granddaughter, her angel. While most little girls are made from sugar, spice and everything nice, Eloise missed out on some of the ingriedients and is all spice (a little brat to be precise). To put it bluntly, she doesn't earn her merit badges, she steals them.


Eloise has three basic emotions. They consist of:

Developmental sketches

April 27, 2009


So here's introducing one of my character's for the 2D project, Abigale Winslow. Or, more commonly known as Nan.

I like the original sketch a lot more, I realised too late that I didn't get the smile quite right in the model sheet...

Coming soon, Eloise:

April 25, 2009

"Turn Around" animatic

This is a very basic animatic for a live action short film I'm making at uni... I needed to check the timing and at the moment it's still too long, so i have to edit out some shots.

Unfortunately it lacks sense.

April 23, 2009

One day, three bears

3D takes wayyyyy too long

April 21, 2009

3d update

By golly 3D is forever. I haven't touched it in a week and it took me a whole day to do about 4 toys... why I chose a location that is supposed to be cluttered with such things I'll never know.

The brief is to design and model a set piece of a given story. Then we will use the camera to make a short 20 second animation moving around the space. The story revolved around a poor, but content fisherman, and I chose to do his kids bedroom/attic. Hopefully once we start texturing it will look more worn. I will probably dull the colours down as well.

Forgot to smooth out the doll's dress in that last image but I kind of like it...

Oh and I still can't get the lighting/shadows right. I want moonlight to be streaming through the windows but I guess I'll have to keep faking it until he shows us in class.

Back to uni tommorow, this break wasn't long enough dangnabbit

April 19, 2009


Watercolour with some textures added in Photoshop

April 14, 2009


Hand drawn & coloured in Photoshop

Have been sourcing a lot of inspiration from K├Ąthe Kruse dolls lately, especially after acquiring a nice book chock full of photographs. She was a German doll maker from the early-mid 1900's
and designed and developed hundreds of dolls during her time. While she was in charge, all her dolls were made and hand painted by herself and other artisans, not machine-produced in anyway like most other dolls/toys at the time.

Her first doll was one she crafted for her daughters around 1906, made from a knitted towel and a potato :D

watercolour & fine marker

April 10, 2009


More from the sketchbook:

I might try and paint these in photoshop this week...

& a screen cap of a current 3D project I'm working on:

It's set late at night so it's a bit hard to see, and er... the shadows are facing the wrong way. 3D can be tricky eh...

April 05, 2009

Looks like it's time for my monthly post! ha.

here's a mash up of quick scribbles and sketches from the past few weeks:

(storyboard snippet for video...)

also picked up some wonderful Beatrix Potter cut outs from Salvos for 99cents! Crazy. There are about 3-4 A2 sheets filled with great quality prints... might scan a few if i can be bothered

Oh and sucks to be me after spilling 6 hours worth of sharpenings on desk and carpet (not pictured)... whoops

Soon I'll post a 20second pencil animation I did for 2D which was funnnnnn

And last but not least, more music.