April 21, 2009

3d update

By golly 3D is forever. I haven't touched it in a week and it took me a whole day to do about 4 toys... why I chose a location that is supposed to be cluttered with such things I'll never know.

The brief is to design and model a set piece of a given story. Then we will use the camera to make a short 20 second animation moving around the space. The story revolved around a poor, but content fisherman, and I chose to do his kids bedroom/attic. Hopefully once we start texturing it will look more worn. I will probably dull the colours down as well.

Forgot to smooth out the doll's dress in that last image but I kind of like it...

Oh and I still can't get the lighting/shadows right. I want moonlight to be streaming through the windows but I guess I'll have to keep faking it until he shows us in class.

Back to uni tommorow, this break wasn't long enough dangnabbit

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