April 14, 2009


Hand drawn & coloured in Photoshop

Have been sourcing a lot of inspiration from Käthe Kruse dolls lately, especially after acquiring a nice book chock full of photographs. She was a German doll maker from the early-mid 1900's
and designed and developed hundreds of dolls during her time. While she was in charge, all her dolls were made and hand painted by herself and other artisans, not machine-produced in anyway like most other dolls/toys at the time.

Her first doll was one she crafted for her daughters around 1906, made from a knitted towel and a potato :D

watercolour & fine marker


Emily Ryan said...

These dolls are so cute!
I have to play with watercolour more, so much fun and so dainty :)

Burt said...

Gotta love that beanie! Very cool.

Alina Chau said...

Nice characters drawing!