May 26, 2009

Bye bye Booleans

Finished modelling! Hurrah! Would be lovely if Maya would stop crashing.

Now on to the animation....

Less than 2 weeks left of uni... THINGS ARE GETTING STRESSFUL

May 22, 2009

Progress at last

Cue funeral march in the background. Another still from my 2d project, which I should probably think of title for soon...

And to brighten things up a bit, my favourite animated dance sequence:

Yay for cycles. The boy in the orange shirt... awesome

May 21, 2009

Abigale +8

Abigale and her 8 older brothers.

Another painting for my 2D project, which we are animating in Flash. Using Flash/vector art seems very unnatural to me and is driving me crazy, so I'm trying to combine the best of both worlds , painting in Photoshop and than inking it to look more consistent with the Flash drawing tools. Everything is much easier with my shiny new tablet :D

I haven't been doing much sketching at all thanks to assignments, which are all due in a few weeks! 3D is coming along alright albeit slowly, I still can't get the lighting quite right:

I changed the bed sheets again, I think the plainer pattern works better than the bright red one I had earlier.

so, so tired. so much work to do. so much laverne and shirley to watch!

May 14, 2009

Quick post

With some colour tests/backgrounds I've been workin on for 2D.

There's not enough hours in the day to get this all done!! The top one is still a WIP...

May 02, 2009

The Winslows

More developmental work for the 2D project I'm working on at the moment...

It's the Winslow's! Abigale & family circa. 1960's