June 26, 2009

Something Old

So this is something I made at the beginning of the year and forgot to post... my first pencil test. Probably one of my favourite assignments so far:

We were each assigned a 20 second soundtrack and had to plan the entire animation using a dope sheet. During the production we weren't allowed to do tests so some of the timing is a bit fast/off.

anywho, i will be away for about 2 weeks so i guess this will be a mini hiatus for the blog. Heres hoping I'll have a ton of stuff to post by then!


June 25, 2009

Train/cafe sketches

gee it really shows when you stop sketching regularly. Trying to ease back into it again, the results were kind of disappointing but here are some of them:


June 16, 2009

Sketch + more

Just a little sketch from last night that made me giggle. I have a few things I'm working on at the moment which I hope to post soon... but first I'm off to make some dinner.


And here's another quick painting from tonight... trying out a different painting technique in Photoshop... semi-successful methinks

June 09, 2009

An Afternoon with Abigale

Or, "Everybody Hates Eloise".

Created in Photoshop & Flash, we had just under 2 months for the whole process.

Would have liked to have had some light background music but haven't found the right one yet. :)

Once my Maya scene stops rendering (third day now...will it ever?), Semester 1 will be officially over :)

June 06, 2009

Another uni update

2 assignments finished, 2 to go. It's all I seem to be able to do lately -_-.

Short Film- "Turn Around"

Turn Around from Rebecca Hayes on Vimeo.

Another still from 2D, which is moving extremely slowly...

But Maya is moving even slower :)

June 02, 2009

More on 'Turn Around'

Post-production- check. A bunch of screen caps from the short film I'm working on- which is 98% finished! Too bad I don't quite know how to export it...