July 17, 2009

i'm back! + disneymania

Well I'm back from a really really quick trip to the States for a family/research/disneyland visit! Despite being back for about 4 days now, I'm still too jet lagged (18 hour flight) to write anything of substance so on to some the images!

First stop was Disneyland (yay!!) for 3 days. I got tons of visual research done... ahem:

No, seriously. I've only been there once before when I was 10, and back then I found all the crazy-eyed parents throwing their toddlers at Mickey Mouse for a photo and the long, long lines a tad overwhelming. This time I visited on the eve of my 20th birthday was overwhelmed by the wonderful artistry, craftsmanship, set design and history that I took for granted before. I have a couple thousand photos to sort through before uploading them to Flickr, but for now some disorganised samples:

Over then next 10 days or so, I went across 3 states and visited family. I was able to scan a lot of old family photos and documents- most of which I had never seen before. One day I hope to put a book together with it all, but for now i will just be slowly uploading it all...

Unfortunately I didn't get much sketching done as I planned... however upon my return my disney movie marathon has inspired a lot of construction practice... really happy with most of these as I'm getting a lot faster:

Freehand copies, pencil

I also had the pleasure of seeing UP! while i was in Hollywood- it is an amazing movie! Such a beautiful story and the artwork & animation is phenomenal. Hands down my new favourite Pixar film. Congratulations to everyone who worked on it. I also got to attend the Encore Milt Kahl tribute presented by the Academy and hosted by Andreas Deja which was absolutely wonderful. But that recap deserves it's own post!

That's it for now,

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