July 31, 2009

New stuff + research

Okie dokie, so I have been quite the busy bee as of late, hence the delay in posts. Nevertheless, some recent character doodles/sketchbook scans:

New character for proposed 2D project for school... more development below

observations & face studies. the three kids on the right are from this great book i found in an antique store in the US called "Who is That?". It's basically a categorised directory of head shots featuring famous actors from early cinema! Bargain.

At the moment I'm developing two 2D short films for uni. Just starting research for both of them. Some old favourites of mine:

(Thanks to Ki's Creative Studio for the link to this one!)


Youngester said...

nice animation

Jeremy said...

Very cute sketches! Good luck on your next film! Looks fun already :)

Bec said...

Thanks Jeremy! Cute & fun is definitely what I'm aiming for on this one :D

Your work is fantastic btw, very lively and inspiring!

Thomas Schwanke said...

wonderful doodles!!!

Miss Carole said...

Very nices sketches, nice style!