August 16, 2009


Still no name for her!

Started out as a tiny sketch. Watercolour and pencil.

I re-watched My Neighbour's the Yamadas the other day. It's Isao Takahata's ('Grave of the Fireflies', 'Pom Poko', 'Only Yesterday') last film, made in 1999. It's probably one of my favourite Studio Ghibli films.

The story follows the lives of the Yamada family through a series of disconnected vignettes surrounding their everyday life. It's funny. The animation, colour and simplistic design is beautiful. The structure and style are drastically different from any other Ghibli production, so I can understand why it's perhaps not one of their most popular.

It's fairly long (100 minutes?), so make sure you have a few hours to enjoy it. Unfortunately the only decent clip I could find on youtube was the ending, so I'm posting the trailer instead:


Jeremy said...

Looks great! I've always loved the how water color makes things feel organic. Nicely done and very cute!

Alina Chau said...

Love your character drawing!

Bec said...

Thanks Jeremy & Alina! I'm trying to get back into watercolour after using the computer so much for the past year, I forgot how fun it was :D

Randeep Katari said...

I need to watch that, the style for me is SO appealing. I'm very interested to check it out. Maybe tonight.
Thanks for your comment on the shining post - I was the same way, but the key is to just watch it proper the first time, then just skip to and draw the scenes that caught your eye afterwards.

Awesome drawing too by the way.

jacks said...