July 28, 2010

Introducing... Hefty Hilda

One of the Star's from my grad film, The Show (still a working title).

I've been working on a bunch of painted backgrounds for the film, which I'll be posting soon. Now I'm off to have a full nights sleep, hurray!

July 17, 2010

The Giant and the Child

More visual development for my grad film. The Giant and the Child use the Hall of Magic Mirrors to perfect their appearance...

Also, Drawing No. 1, the group show I've been working on is opening this Wednesday (21 July), 6pm at c3 Artspace! Come along! Material and immaterial artifacts from the exile of childhood... The works span video, installation, animation, photography, painting, soundart and sculpture.

All the details here: FB page and on the Craft Victoria website

July 05, 2010

Grad project- some concept sketches

I've just started entering the production stages of my final-year film at RMIT. It will be a 2d piece about the pre-show happenings of a travelling carnival troupe. More on the way soon!