August 25, 2010

New stop-motion: Shadowplay

Shadowplay is now online! A series of stop-motion vignettes created for Drawing No 1, a group exhibition exploring the mysterious realm of childhood, held at c3 contemporary art space in July/Aug 2010.

The animation was created traditionally using a series of handmade shadow puppets. The final work was then projected onto a mystical dream catcher, suspended within the sky. The projection created a multi-layered viewing experience where visions of shadows moved in and out of focus amongst the clouds...

Drawing No 1, curated by Jemila MacEwan. Including artists Julia Atkinson, MONA FRANK and S.P. Jamestwon, Rebecca Hayes, Finn Robertson, Jemila MacEwan

August 23, 2010

Up next: Shadow Play

I'm just putting together a post including my stop-motion work which was included in Drawing No. 1, a group show exploring the Craft Cubed festival theme of childhood held at c3 contemporary art space last month.

Here's a preview for now!
Still from the animation

This exhibition was a Craft Cubed sattelite event and a RMIT Union Arts supported presentation.

August 11, 2010

Production tests

The dead lines for my short film are creeping closer and closer... be prepared for more sporadic updates here!

I've just started rough animation after a fair few weeks of finalising all the layouts and backgrounds in the film. I will do a proper post soon about background art, but for now a sneak peek at some production tests experimenting with the final look of the film! I'm combining traditionally painted backgrounds and artwork with digital character animation.

Finally starting to see it all come together...
And just a few doodles from the sketchbook of ponytails, scarves and dalmatians.

Now back to the animating I go.