January 23, 2011

New drawin'- ukelele!

Another new one- trying to do one every other day for the next few weeks or so (we'll see how long I last).  

Also posting them over on my tumblr which I spend way to much time on

January 21, 2011


New drawin', inspired by burlesque artist Vicky Butterfly. Had a lot of fun messing around with different textured brushes in CS4.

January 17, 2011

New website!

At last I've finished my portfolio site- www.rebeccakhayes.com ! I'll still be posting as usual here at the blog, and updating the portfolio site with finished works as they happen.

Now onto finishing my animation showreel...

January 09, 2011

A quick update

January already! A lot has happened since the last post- graduating, website-building, festival submitting, sleeping etc- which hasn't left much time for posting. I have a lot of scanning ahead of me, so stay tuned..