May 30, 2011

LoopdeLoop challenge!

Click through to see a little animation loop I made for the new monthly animation challenge over at . The theme was LAUNCH. All the entries will be screened at LOOP BAR tomorrow, come along!

Was a fun distraction from rendering my film which took a gazillion hours. Just made the deadline in time, click to watch and vote if you're so inclined! 

May 16, 2011

Festival News

Eegads it's May already! I've been super busy entering festivals, making art with the (other) Sisters Hayes, trying to learn the autoharp, catching up on Poirot and working on some projects I can't post about just yet... 

Speaking of festivals, "The Show" has been selected to screen at the following festivals around Australia! Check them out if you're in town!

Wagga Wagga, NSW // Screening May 14, 2011

5th Annual Dungog Film Festival, 26- 29 May,
Dungog, NSW // Screening May 27, 2011
Friday 27th of May, 11am, Oovie Theatre in the "Just for Youth’” shorts session

Melbourne International Animation Festival, June 19- 26,
Melbourne, Australia // Screening June 25, 2011
Saturday 25th of June, 4:15pm, ACMI in the "Australian Showcase"

Perth, Australia // Screening July 19, 2011
Tuesday 19th of July, 7pm, Astor Theatre in the "Animation Showcase" 

Here's the trailer for the Dungog Film Festival!