November 24, 2011

Big Things

Sooo a lot has happened in the last few months!

My sister Christina's solo exhibition, Before I Wake, opened at Anna Pappas Gallery"The Show" won best student animation at the Australian Effects and Animation Festival Awards & 2011 AniMazSpot Festival and Best Tertiary Animation at the Melbourne's ATOM Awards.

I also had my first comic published in Drawn From Life, a free cartoon newspaper edited and produced by Oslo Davis that was unleashed across Melbourne as part of the Melbourne Writers Festival:

"Shortchanged", a tragic (and true) tale  by yours truly. Click for bigger.  

The handout at Reservoir station
Press in The Age

Read more about it here, here and here.
(Oslo Davis' next project Libraryland launches this December- check it!

And most recently I've just returned to Melbourne with the other Sisters Hayes after a two months travelling in Europe and the US! Gelati was eaten, galleries explored, rivers crossed, families visited, research made and plenty of comics bought. Our next projects 'A Tar Paper Shack' and 'The Great UnReveal' are well underway, but more on that later. Time to reminisce...