January 29, 2012

Drawin' at the zoo

Deva and I visited the zoo last week for some drawing times, and I finally got around to scanning the sketchbook.

PS. The crazy looking Tawny Frogmouth is my new favourite bird. Also, echidnas are hilarious when they wiggle-walk.

January 17, 2012

16 portraits (out of 366)

I wanted to post about this a while ago, but had to see if I could get through the first 2 weeks first. 

I've set myself a drawing challenge for 2012- to make a new portrait everyday. A mix of live, drawn, painted, and digital so far... some more complicated than others. I hope to do some small animated ones soon!

Aim is to post the results everyday on the main tumblr, 366 Portraits. If I'm particularly fond of one it will make it's way here on the blog as well.

Some earlier ones below!

January 04, 2012


Hello folks! Here's hoping you had a very merry christmas-time and a jolly new year. I spent it all with friends and family trying to survive the sweltering heat. Although the notorious Christmas Day hailstorm was the closest thing I've had to a white Christmas in over 10 years. 

New Years was a bit sadder for me- spent most of it at the airport saying bon voyage to two close friends. Adam packed up to the US of A his internship, and Noemi made her way back home to Milan. Wanted to make them something small to sneak in their suitcases.