June 10, 2012

Six Seasons and a Movie

A while ago I was invited to submit some work to the Six Seasons and a Movie art show taking place in LA this June. To take it straight from the press release, "hosted at Monk Space in Los Angeles on June 23-24, the event will be a weekend celebration of all things “Community” as interpreted through the vision of over 130 artists from around the world. " A little birdy told me some production crew and writers from the show are also exhibiting work...

For my piece I went about imagining what a season six finale might actually be like. What could be more epic than paintball? Perhaps... an epic musical revolution? So here it is, the study room barricade that just might be:

Revolutionary Studies into Musical Theatre

 If you're a fan of the show and live near the LA area, you should check out the show! I hear there will be costumes and prizes (including sombrero wearing frogs) and other surprises. Click here for the facebook event.

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